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  • Changing the status quo

  • Training

  • Fire

  • With Gewog Chairman-Tarayana Training

  • Thermal Image of BES 2015

  • Visit to Palm Oil Factory in Laos PDR

  • Types of improved stoves promoted in Laos,PDR

  • At Nam Ngum Dam in Laos PDR - 155 MW

  • Meeting between DRE & Tarayana Foundation

  • Bhutan EcoStove Model

  • Stove construction Pic

  • Stove Pic from Tsirang

  • Stove Pic from Tsirang

  • New Generation Stove - Bhutan EcoStove

  • CA Signing with Tarayana

  • SRBE training in Haa Jyenkana

  • 3-pot improved stove

  • Beneficiaries taking metallic parts home

  • Creating awareness amongst NFEI

  • National Workshop with Private sector

  • SRBE groups in Tashigang

  • Improved Stove

SRBE Project Overview

Bhutan is known to have one of the highest per capita domestic fuel wood consumption in the world, at almost 1.3 tonnes per person per year. With 70 percent of its population living in rural Bhutan, and fuel wood being the main source of energy for cooking, heating and lighting in the rural areas, there is constant and increasing pressure on the forests of Bhutan. The inefficient fuel wood cons
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